Goy Gol Lake Resort is located on the territory of Goygol National Park, which is one of the natural attractions of  Azerbaijani Republic. Located on the amazing northern slopes of the picturesque Kapaz mountain, the national park was named after Lake Goygol, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Azerbaijan. The lake was formed as a result of a strong earthquake that occurred in the city of Ganja in 1139, at the time when Mount    Kepez collapsed, thereby blocking the path of the Akhsuchai River. As a result of this collapse, an amazing lake Goygol was formed. Translated from the Azerbaijani language, the name means “blue lake”. The territory of Goygol National Park is surrounded with beautiful forests.

There are several other small lakes in the territory of the park, among them are lakes Seligol, Maralgol, Aggol, Shamilgol, Garagol and so on. You can get there using vehicles on the territory of the complex. The Goy Gol Lake Resort consists of 4 buildings, including 48 various categories of rooms and cottages, including 36 rooms.